Engagement Portrait Session Information

I want your engagement session to be fun and carefree. It is my goal to create a day for you that you can relax and focus on each other. 

Your engagement session will typically last one to two hours and will generally take place in the early morning or late afternoon hours so we can take advantage of the soft beautiful light.

Wardrobe: You might feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of choosing a couple of outfits, I would like to help you make the choice easier for you. Please bring at least 2 outfit changes, possibly 3 if you can. Be yourself and be comfortable, remember your personality is everything! Bold colors as well as whites and pastels photograph beautifully. Fun patterns work well too as long as you both coordinate with each other. Your photos may show your full body, make sure clothes are clean and ironed.  

Footwear matters, make sure shoes are clean and not scuffed, and pay attention to coordinating socks.  

Please bring at least 1 pair of flats for walking to different locations within the park. If it’s cooler outside; a pretty scarf and coat go a long way.

If possible please bring at least one sweater/top that matches your eye color.        

Avoid: logos, overly busy patterns, oversized t-shirts, large stripes, nothing too tight

Hair/Makeup: If you are having a professional stylist do your hair and/or make up for your wedding day, the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to do a trial run.

Make sure to pack:

Hairbrush, Lip-gloss, Lipstick, Hair spray & a Mirror

Avoid all makeup with glitter, glitter tends to reflect light and looks like little spots in photos.

For hubby-to-be; how about a great shave at a premium barber?

Other tips: Avoid being in the sun 7 to 10 days prior to engagement session to avoid sunburns, tan lines, and possible peeling.

Manicure: YES, definitely! 

Pedicure: YES, if wearing sandals.


Everyone has a different style and vision of how their engagement session will be, I would like to use Pinterst as a pinning board to assist me with yours. This way we can collaborate together to bring all of your ideas and my ideas into one.

If you need an invite to join, please let us know.

Click Here for Pinterest Ideas

Remember that your session is all about YOU, a day to have fun and relax, a day to create beautiful images that capture the essence of you as a couple.



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